Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Coupon Ninja Strikes!

I have been known to refer to myself as the "Coupon Ninja".  I thought it was so clever.  When I wanted to establish a blog, I checked blogspot, and to my surprise, not only is "Coupon Ninja" taken, but so is "The Coupon Ninja".  From this day forward, I shall concentrate on using "coupon ninja" as a verb rather than a noun, as in "I really coupon-ninja'd that store today".  Today was such a day.

At Walgreens, I did four transactions.

Trans. #1
Hylands Kids Cough n' Cold medicine  $4.99
Tax                                                        0.35
- internet coupon                                 ($1.50)
Total                                                     $3.84, received $5 Register Reward (RR)

Trans. #2
Vaseline Sheer Lotion                        $5.99
Cheetos                                              0.39
Tax                                                     0.45
-internet coupon                                 (1.00)
- $5 RR from Trans. #1                      (5.00)
Total                                                   $0.89, received $5 RR

Trans. #3
Hylands Kids Cough n' Cold medicine  $4.99
Full Bar (diet product)                            1.99
Tax                                                        0.49
- internet coupon (Hylands)                   (1.50)
- RR from Trans. #2                              (5.00)
 Total                                                   $0.97, received $5 RR (Hylands) and $2 RR (Full Bar)

Trans. #4

(repeat of Trans. #2)

Trip total:  Paid $6.67 out-of-pocket (OOP), got $24.73 worth of stuff, ended with $7 RR for next time.

So, in essence, I bought a $7 gift certificate for $6.67, and they gave me $24.73 worth of stuff for free. 

Remember, if you can see the coupon ninja, he can see you.  If you cannot see the coupon ninja, you may be seconds away from having a great deal inflicted upon you.

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