Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coupon Prof "Ninjas" CVS!!

I love CVS.  You can scan your card at the magic red machine when you walk in, and it'll spit out promo offers just for you!  It's like Christmas every time I walk in.  I had a pretty good scenario planned, but the magic machine spun me in a different direction with $5 off any Halloween costume, accessory, or decor.

I should also mention that I brought the wife along for this trip.  Big mistake.  The wife is a point-of-purchase marketer's fantasy.  She also subscribes to the theory that "you can never have too much kitschy decor".  So, needless to say, the preplanned scenario was probably never going to happen.  I should know better.

We got:  A fabulous light-up plastic pumpkin, 2 totally unneccessary packages of headbands, a Revlon nail polish, 2 cans of clearance Pringles (25 cents each!  Clearance Pringles taste better anyway), a Godiva chocolate bar which did not last 5 minutes after getting home, and a twin pack of Renu contact solution.

Total cost after coupons?  $1.37


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