Sunday, January 9, 2011

Soda, soda, soda....

The best deal on soda I've ever seen is happening right now at CVS (1/9-1/15)!  Buy 6 12-packs for $20, and get $10 ECB!  This deal is also good next week, so even if you started with nothing, you could do it once this week, use the $10 towards doing it again next week, and end up with another $10 back!  Net cost is $20 + tax for twelve 12-packs!  That's $1.67 apiece, and the best deal I've seen on soda since I started paying attention.

If you're a caffeine addict like me, this is a pretty good deal!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, does a Coupon Ninja outrank a Dollar General?

It turns out the answer is "yes"!  There are small (around 8 ounce) bottles of Olay body wash marked at $3, but ringing up at $2 after an unadvertised deal at Dollar General.  There is a $2 Olay body wash coupon from the 12/26 P&G insert, so I was able to get five of them for just the cost of sales tax.

Five small body washes for $0.70--yep, I'll do that.  The sale lasts until Saturday, 1/8, so if you've got a Dollar General nearby, check it out!

Monday, January 3, 2011

CVS trip 1/3/11

I finally got my third free Excedrin coupon in the mail, so I wanted to take advantage of this week's Excedrin deal at CVS (buy $20, get $10 ECB).  Also, I am addicted to Extra gum (buy 3 packs for $2, get $1 ECB).  Finally, on, there are $2 Listerine Zero coupons.  Be sure to print two!  My transaction looked like this:

2 Excedrin @ $4.79  = $9.58
2 Excedrin @ $5.49 =  $10.98
3 Gum  @ $0.67    =    $2.00
2 Listerine @ $5.00  = $10.00

Subtotal:  $32.56

- free Excedrin x 3 = $15.77
- 2 Listerine $2 coupons = $4.00
- $14 ECB from before

Total spent =$1.21 + tax ($2.28) = $3.49, got $10(Excedrin) + $1(Extra) + $5(Listerine) = $16 ECB back

Starting off 2011 with a CVS bang!  Wait until next week at CVS--the deal is 6 Pepsi 12-packs for $20.  By itself, that's not a bad deal, but there's a $10 ECB!  It's like paying $10 for 6 12-packs!  I've never seen such a good soda deal!  Remember, that deal will start 1/9/11 and continue through 1/15/11.