Saturday, October 2, 2010


I've been a strategic couponer for several months, primarily for charities (Editor's note:  Except when his wife calls dibs.  No lie--last night she broke into a case of mac n' cheese that was about to be donated.  She has been duly reprimanded and the cost will be deducted from her allowance.)   Hey, I'm a professor.  It's my JOB to lecture.

People who spend a lot of time in this world know that if you watch the sales and have matching coupons, many items can be had for cheap or even free.  On rare occasion, it's possible to come out ahead after buying a certain item.  Couponers call this a "money-maker" or MM for short, and their occurrence inspires the same feeling you get after watching Tom Cruise shoot down 5 MIGs in Top Gun.

As an example, this week Walgreens had Hylands Kids Cough and Cold medicine for $4.99, with a $4.99 Register Reward.  Register Rewards print after you buy certain advertised items, and are good on your next purchase.  In effect, this made this item free (not including sales tax).  Wonder of wonders, however, there were $1.50 internet coupons available, so by paying only $3.49 for the medicine, I got a $4.99 coupon off my next purchase.  (Editor's note:  If a tingle just went down your leg, you may be ripe for conversion to the coupon world.  Or you may have neurological damage.  One or the other.)  I exit the store, Val Kilmer says I can be his wingman anytime, I reply, "No, you can be mine" with a grin showing perfect teeth, just like Tom Cruise, only taller.

Anyway, I intend this blog to be a diary of couponing exploits.  I suspect it may be a lonely place for a while.  I feel like Creed on The Office, when Ryan sets him up with a blog that's really just a Word document.  If a professor talks, but the class is absent, has he done his job?


  1. Ok, you won me over with Top Gun references. I am a sucker for a non-crazy Tom Cruise.

  2. You know, I was so much funnier in October....