Thursday, October 21, 2010 there anything he won't buy if it's free?

So, the best deal at CVS this week is the Schick Hydro razor.  You gotta try this, I'm telling you.  It was almost enough to make me abandon my trusty electric razor.  It's that good, and with a $4 coupon and $5 ECB, it's free!  This deal was so popular, they've been sold out both times I went this week!  The cashier promised me she'd stick one behind the desk if they came in again, to prevent them all from going to folks less "worthy".  Those were her words, not mine.  To be "worthy" in the eyes of the CVS cashiers....sublime.  Simply sublime.  I bask.

Another good deal was $7 ECB with the purchase of 2 Revlon eye shadow.  Those are $4.99 each, so if you have the $1 Revlon coupon, it ends up being $7.98 with $7 ECB back.  Nothing wrong with 98 cents for two eye shadows, right ladies?  I don't have much use for it myself, but I figured it'd make a nice donation item.  That is, if I can hide it from the wife.  Then again, maybe I shouldn't hide it from the wife.  What's she going to think if she finds me hiding eye shadow? 

There is little I won't buy if it's cheap/free.  I may have to draw the line at one of the items that's all the rage on the internet message boards.  It's a special anti-itch cream, intended for one of the major genders, the one of which I am not a member.  That is all I will say about this product, since this is a family blog (it has a spouse blog and two little baby blogs at home).

I've eased off the Walgreens trips lately, but all I have to say is "Look out!"  Major ninja-ing coming next week.  Most of the time, a ninja relies on surprise, but you, dear readers (would "reader" be more accurate?), get the inside scoop here.

Until then, live long and NINJA!

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