Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year-end CVS wrap-up...

So, how extreme do you have to be?  Well, I go to CVS pretty much every week.  Not always, I've missed a week here or there, but pretty much every week.  It's on my way to and from work, so it doesn't cost me much in the way of time or gas to get there.  And I'm a BIG fan of the drugstore deals, because they have their own sales, manufacturer coupons, and their own store coupons, and when you match all three, you can save a lot over time.

How much?  Here's my latest receipt showing year-to-date totals:

Yep.  You read it right.  $1396.60 savings.
So, how could that be possible?  Take a look at this week's transaction, a fairly typical one.

Maybe it's not so easy to read, but I spent $1.48 and saved $24.87.  I got 2 shampoos, a toothpaste, and a bodywash (and some filler candy bars, because I miscalculated and needed to buy more).  Oh, and I got $7 in ECB for the next time.  That's how massive year-end savings are possible.  Next week, with my $7 ECB coupon I'll buy something else that generates ECBs and I'll "roll" them from week to week, meaning that I get a fair amount and pay very little along the way.

The best part?  I've only been doing this since the middle of March.  So I expect to beat this total next year.  Along the way, I need to recruit some people to do the same thing.  I'll make the scenarios, if you commit to shopping.  Build yourself a reasonable (3 month supply) stockpile, and then give the rest away.  It's fun, and there's a desperate need for these items in food pantries (since food stamps usually cannot be used to buy them).

Ninja new year!