Thursday, December 2, 2010

If you can make it to CVS before Saturday Dec. 4... can buy some Complete contact solution (with case) for $9.99, and receive $9.99 in ECB back!  This makes a great donation item if you don't wear contacts (like me).  Not because I have great eyesight, but because I have a shaved head and if I don't wear glasses, I am essentially featureless, like Voldemort.

Hope you can make it there!

Taylor and I, excited about CVS.

1 comment:

  1. oh man, you rock. i've been following for a long time now, and i love those deals that compound on eachother. Walgreens RR is great (like the Complete contact solution giving back $10 in RR, if you add a coupon you make money!) and recently, Riteaid has been good with their UP Rewards.

    You take the cake though, with your ridiculous patience and slick deal fortitude. my friend, who referred me to this blog, said I have a new role model.. and i gotta say, i agree.

    keep kicking ass!