Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Super Ninja visits Walgreens.... do his regulary weekly shopping, as previously described, and sees Gillette Body Wash marked down to $2.  Super Ninja remembers that the 2/27 P&G ad had a $2 off Gillette Body Wash coupon.  So Super Ninja gets a bunch of coupons, and has this transaction:

4 Gillette Body Wash @ $2 = $8.00
1 Plackers Dental Floss Picks @ $2 = $2.00
- 4 x $2.00 Body Wash coupons ($8.00)
- B1G1 at half price surprise Gillette/Old Spice sale ($2.00)

= tax only ($0.56) + receive a $2 RR for next time!  I will do this every day until I run out of coupons (or until Walgreens runs out of patience, but they're trying to clearance this stuff out, so I think I'm doing them a favor).  These coupons have a limit of 4 per shopping trip, so in the spirit of cooperation (and in the spirit of not clearing the shelves and giving some other folks a chance), I'll go easy.  Super Ninja, signing off!

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